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How I got here, about me!

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

In 1976 we moved from London to Eufaula, Alabama, as one does! My father accepted an appointment as Head of Sales for American Buildings Company. After two and a half years of high school at Lakeside, I ended up as a 3 year letterman for Coach Bryant at the University of Alabama. Kicking field goals came naturally to me as a football (soccer, if you must) player and life was good, very good. I actually graduated in '84-ish and secured a sales position with DP (Diversified Products) who, at the time, were the largest distributor of fitness equipment in the world (Gympacs, Bodytone 300 rower and LOADS of concrete/Orbatron filled plastic barbells by Ted Williams!) I cut my professional teeth covering New England and getting "schooled" by some amazing buyers.

I have enjoyed 38 years dedicated to selling fitness equipment, both home and commercial. I have represented some amazing products and companies and am so, so grateful for all the incredible folks I have had the pleasure of working with. Quinton treadmills, Monark bikes from Sweden, Tunturi from Finland, Stairmaster and more. I have been very fortunate and continue to thrive within the boundaries of the fitness equipment industry.

I currently work out of my office and live here in Santa Rosa Beach on the Florida panhandle.

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John Deluna
John Deluna
Jun 22, 2021

Add a sentence to "About Me" that states "If you are planing to develop or expand your Fitness facility, I can supply you with everything from the flooring, mirrors, strength and cardio equipment that are made from some of the leaders in our industry.

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